June 26, 2023

Will AI Replace Experts?

Anthony Longo

I’m not breaking news when I say AI is unbelievable. It’s the number one topic of conversation when speaking with expert creators, entrepreneurs, friends, family members — literally everyone.

But I’m especially interested in how AI experts will fare in relation to human experts.

We live in a world where we can ask ChatGPT, Watson, or Bard for anything we want to know — and it will spit out a good, actionable answer. But does that mean human experts are toast? Are coaching, consulting, and all strategy products done for?

I believe AI is making niche human experts more valuable. Here’s why:

When we’re using the expertise of AI or human experts, our goal isn’t to learn something new. We’re using them to learn with speed and efficiency.

In a world where AI allows for content to be created at 1000x speed, we’ll soon find most of it to be watered down by the very AI itself. Everyone using it will blend in. Some of it may be good, but it relies on the human touch to make a connection.

I simply don’t buy that a robot will be better at fostering human connection than a human will.

We can listen to our favorite creators and use intuition to know that we’re being told what we need to hear. With AI, pattern recognition and information sampling make the decisions. The goal isn’t to help — it’s to get you closer to the answer as fast as possible.

Think about this year’s boom in AI-generated music, with the Drake song from February getting national attention (and no lie - it is a banger).  But did you know that artificial intelligence was only responsible for changing the original artist’s voice? AI didn’t write the song or make the beat. Humans did.

No matter how you feel about him, real-life Drake is clearly an expert artist and marketer. He’d sell out any arena in the country right now. We’re not in a spot right now where AI Drake would outperform real-life Drake, and I don’t think we will be anytime soon.

The same is true for your unique expertise. Sure, AI can pull generic answers faster than you probably can — but it hasn’t lived the life you have, accomplished what you’ve accomplished, and understood exactly how to help others the way you can.

While many creators are jumping on the AI bandwagon, I’m looking for the ones who can pull off incredible human experiences — both in-person and with their content.

At FIVE, we’re betting that human experts like you will outpace AI using all of the things that make you, you.