Use Social Data Like Beyoncé: Leverage Your Brand Deal Earnings

"I don't like to gamble, but if there's one thing I'm willing to bet on, it's myself." - Beyoncé

When Beyoncé steps onto the stage, she's not just powered by her talent but also by the data-driven insights that make her a commercial powerhouse. 

Much like her, you've got your own stage — your social platforms. And if you're looking to cash in on those hard-earned followers, you better be data-savvy.

Beyoncé earns $1.9 million per post. And no, it’s not just because of the 318 million eyeballs glued to her every move.

It's her ability to engage with her fanbase in a unique way — like when she brings a fan on stage or gives a shoutout. 

These are moments that go viral and create a brand ripple effect. 

They're data points of high engagement because they’re captured, analyzed, shared, and re-shared thousands of times (sometimes millions) — frequently by accounts that pack their own powerful punch.

Your Engagement Quotient: The New Currency

FIVE's exclusive Engagement Relationship Manager (ERM) platform is a personalized advisor that tells you — and your prospective brand sponsor — what your posts are worth.

The foundation of our ERM is three-fold:

  • Rank: Sorts your interactions by importance. No more missing out on that golden DM from a top-tier influencer, brand or creator proposing a collaboration.
  • Stack: Organizes these interactions so you can easily navigate through them and reply with a simple tap. 
  • Loop: Every action you take on the ERM makes it smarter for you.  Engage with a fan, edit a pre-typed reply, or skip a message:  every time you engage with the platform it adds more secret sauce that makes your ERM smarter over time.

ERM vs CRM: Why You Need Both

Your CRM tool is great for tracking sales and customer information. But if you want to command Beyoncé-level endorsement deals, you'll need something more—something like an Engagement Relationship Manager (ERM). While a CRM might tell you who bought what, an ERM tells you who's genuinely engaging with your content and how that affects your bottom line.  It’s pro-active and will help you increase performance and see into the future - it'll tell you when someone's ready to buy, before they actually buy it.

If, for instance, Beyonce earns 20 engagements from, let's say, Paris Hilton, Beyonce now has a lot more leverage than the reach of her own account.

ERM allows you to see this data clear as day and activate those who are already super fans of yours. 

Perhaps the most effective analogy is the difference between a grain of sand and a pearl.

CRM counts the grains of sand on your private beach. ERM helps you understand — and demonstrate to sponsors — which grains are most likely to turn into pearls.

The Granular Details That Make You $$$

Imagine knowing which fans are not just engaging with you but are also influential in their own circles. Let's say you get a share or a mention from someone with a significant following; that's not just a vanity metric — that's a 'jackpot moment'. Beyoncé knows it, and now, so do you.

FIVE’s ERM is the only tool on the planet that can show you this jackpop moment, no other platform has ingested or organized their dataset based on “engagements” instead of “followers”.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

You could continue to play the guessing game, or you could get with the program—FIVE's ERM platform, that is. Know your audience, understand your engagement, and walk into your next deal negotiation with data that packs a punch.

One creator we just onboarded last week, when we look at her Top 100 most engaged fans and sorted them by their follower count, it totaled almost 1B followers. Yes Billion with a “B”.  A $7,000,000 Super Bowl ad can pull off this level of exposure, or, she could simply organize a small outreach campaign to 100 unique fans and go get 1B impressions … all in a few hours of work.

Let's make sure your next endorsement deal isn't just a bet but a sure-fire jackpot.

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