September 11, 2023

The Flywheel Effect: Tapping Into Audience Engagement

Anthony Longo

If you’re a creator, you know there’s no true content creation hack.

Ideas come from anywhere — your response to others’ posts, daily experiences, or even in the shower. Still, it can be a struggle to decide which ideas are worth posting about.

Today, I want to focus on one of the most under-utilized opportunities you have right in front of you — the engagement and feedback from your audience. 

A simple comment on any of your posts can be a perfect way to connect and create at the same time. 

This strategy is referred to as the Flywheel Effect. We’ve seen it work for so many of our clients. That’s why we are hustling to build a platform that will give you unlimited potential to tap into your audience.

1. The Power of a Single Comment

Think about it this way… a single interaction, a passing question, or a shared thought can become the genesis of much larger content. For instance, a mention can evolve into a podcast episode or a YouTube video where you address their question directly.

When you expand on a follower's comment and present it in a more detailed format, it naturally attracts a larger audience because other people are following you with similar questions. 

And guess what? 

That larger audience brings more engagement, fueling the flywheel.

2. A Pile of Themes from Engagement Data

We’ve built FIVE with a system that goes beyond surface-level analytics. 

Instead of merely recording comments linked to a specific post, we're delving deeper — looking at patterns, identifying repeated themes, and tracing audience sentiment across various engagements. 

The goal? To spotlight recurring questions or ideas as potential content topics to creators.

3. The Special Playbook: Observing Others

Another way to gauge what your audience wants is by scanning audience engagement on other creators' platforms. Instead of seeing it as a competition, check out the creators in your related niche.

What questions are their audience asking?

What’s your obvious solution to another creator’s frequently asked question?

Looking at other creators’ comments is a dead-simple way to create ideas for your own content.

4. The Premise: Boosting Engagement to Unlock Your Content

One of our top creators has responded to just 2% of her comments. We believe that by focusing on enhancing her engagement rate, which is what FIVE exists to do, there's an untapped potential for substantial audience growth.

Imagine the ripple effect on platform algorithms, audience sentiment, and video views if she boosted her engagement rate to even 10%!

Audience engagement is not merely a metric — it’s a continual loop where content sparks conversation, and conversation sparks stronger content. 

In other words, a gold mine for content ideas! 

5. Cross-Network: Tie Each of Your Platforms Into One

Most successful creators have audiences on different platforms.

It can get overwhelming to comb through comments & questions on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, email… the list goes on. There might be a perfect content idea hidden in a sea of LinkedIn replies that you’ve missed, simply because you can’t possibly pay close attention to every platform.

At FIVE, we serve content creators so that their friction to tap into this flywheel is reduced by a huge margin — by giving you a centralized location to answer your audience’s burning questions.

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