September 5, 2023

The FIVE Evolution: Finding the Magic of Genuine Interaction

Anthony Longo

I’m an East Coast guy all the way. I grew up around Boston and now split time between the northern and southern regions along the coast, but my life and business experiences have been heavily shaped by my time in the eastern part of the country.

One of the unique coastal realities that we have here, which is quite different from the central parts of the country, are the storms that can throw our lives into chaos. Whether it’s a Nor’easter or an Atlantic hurricane, we get slammed with some severe weather throughout the year.

When a storm makes its way into our lives along the coast, we have to hunker down and do our best to ride out the situation as best as we can, hoping to minimize the damage.

The world of online content creation can feel like a storm is parked over your work indefinitely. The volume of comments, questions, and interactions is constantly slamming into your accounts and social profiles. 

I know from many conversations with creators that so many of you are just trying to hang on, hoping you don’t miss anything important and doing your best to serve the community.

At FIVE, we see the storms in the lives of our creators and want to do everything we can to help. We are striving to see engagement as more than superficial interactions and to help uncover the true magic of a social platform… when someone asks a genuine question. This curiosity guides our tech stack's design, ensuring creators are always talking to the right people.

What comments are people leaving that are seeking genuine interaction? What questions do they have that could help influence future content or business opportunities? What are they seeking to learn or what help do they need?

That’s why we’re building this tool. People want it. Just five minutes into many of our conversations, they eagerly ask, "When can I have this?" or "Can I be an early beta tester?" These reactions are testament to the groundbreaking nature of our upcoming inbox tech stack and social CRM component.

The goal? Giving creators insight into who their superfans are. Can you imagine having the tools to identify the most strategic followers or those asking the best questions? Or the ability to search among all your followers who are the 100 most strategic or who has more than 10,000 followers? We aim to empower creators with these actionable insights.

A Blast from FIVE’s Past

Our journey started with a simple dream — making the inaccessible, accessible. 

Version 1.0 was all about efficiency — the ability to connect with someone even for just five minutes. But this model placed undue pressure on the creator. The access between creator and follower was there, but how would they find the most important comments to reply to? It was a diminishing return problem we were solving for.

FIVE’s 2.0 version introduced a way for experts to generate recurring revenues. Yet, the weight on creators to engage and port their audiences persisted. Then came FIVE 3.0, marking a pivotal shift. We stopped asking YouTubers or Instagram influencers to leave their platforms and redirect their audience. Instead, we embraced the challenge of enhancing engagement within the confines of their chosen platforms.

The “Inside the Rails” Concept

Let's face it. Directing users to an external site isn't optimal. Leaving your platform of choice, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is disruptive. What if everything creators and users yearned for could be achieved without leaving their primary platform?

We’re striving to establish a central hub for engagements across networks, ensuring no interaction is missed. With tools like the priority inbox, pre-type assistant, and our dynamic social CRM, we aim to be the market leaders in crafting genuine online engagements.

We want to calm the storm. We want to help our creators experience a more civilized and thought-out way to understand and engage with their followers. We aim to make it less chaotic and more fluid. 

We are on a mission: to elevate and simplify the essence of online engagement.

To all creators, influencers, and passionate users — let’s not just concede to the storm. 

With FIVE, every shot has purpose, every interaction is meaningful, and every connection is genuine.

Here’s to embracing the future, one genuine interaction at a time.

See how you can accomplish this all with our Ai-assisted Priority Inbox