April 30, 2023

New Public/Private Gated Post Feature!!

Anthony Longo

There's no better way to QA a new product feature than by testing it out real life, so here we go. By the time you read this, this new post feature should be released into the wild.

The content I'm creating here is above "the fence," which is the internal code word for what we will call the "paywall line".

In short, anything posted above the paywall line (text, photo, or video) is publicly available to the Internet. This means anyone can view it without having to login or signup for a membership (including the Google bots, for the SEO juice).

Watch a video of how the paywall line actually works in the post editor view.

Below I've outlined a full list of the new gated post features.  To continue reading, join my community (it's free!) and instantly unlock this post and all of my content here on FIVE. 👇

The content I'm creating here is below the paywall line which means only members of my community will be able to view the content, text, images, or videos posted below this line.

Ok, what else can we do here with the new public/private gated post feature?

  • Photos (drag and drop)
  • Videos (drag and drop, upload or record)
  • Bullets (just start by adding a dash "-" and then click tab)
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Bold Italic
  • Links
  • Emojis 🤓
  • Likes & Comments (not yet, but coming soon!!)
  • Headlines & Quotes (ill demo below)

Here's a demo of an H2 headline

Here's a demo of an H3 headline

Here's a famous quote

Here's an awkward screenshot of me testing the new of in-browser recording functionatlity.  This is actually super awesome and allows you to record videos and embed right into the post.

Here's an actual video taken just now from the in-browser record feature.

We also made it dead simple to "upload" a video too. (screenshot below)

Lastly before publishing your post, you have the option to save it as a draft and/or preview what the post will look like before it goes live.

So, what do you think?  What did we miss?  Any other things you'd like to see added to the new Public/Private Gated post feature?  Likes and comments will be here in May ... what else would you like to see?

Questions, comments and ideas, please ask me here.  I try to get back to everyone in the same day.  Thanks for reading!!