Forget Your Fear of Being Shadow Banned and Energize Your Top 100 Fans

"Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are." - Lady Gaga

If Lady Gaga (YouTube: July 2011) and Kanye (Instagram & Twitter: October 2022) can be banned from social media, it could happen to any of us.

You've heard of creators being demonetized, or worse, banned where years of work creating content, building a network and real relationships, wiped out....

Your posts are gone, and so is the lifeline to your fans — and your revenue.

That's what happened to one of the first creators we started working with. Joey Papa talks about depression and mental illness, and his area of expertise (the use of kratom and alternative treatments) wasn’t encouraged on YouTube.  If you don’t know Joey and his story, you should.  He’s one of the most genuine good hearted human being on this planet.  He’s the kind of people you wish there were more of.  We love Joey and support him and his efforts to help people suffering with depression.  But social platform algos or trust teams had a different idea and he recently got banned, separated from 30k subscribers who followed him on YouTube.

Thankfully, we had Joey's back. As FIVE keeps a saved copy of his “engaged fans” in our cloud. 

The value of that is that we have a way to reconnect our creators with their fans when they're shut down by other platforms simply because they're following Lady Gaga's advice about being exactly who they are.

But FIVE is so much more than protection from demonetization. We're providing resources that show you which fans are most engaged — and how to leverage that.

Rewards and Engagement: The Perfect Marriage

We can tell you who your top 100 fans by engagement (most comments and DM’s with you).

We can tell you who your top 100 fans by influence (most followers).

We can slice this data a thousand different ways….

With this information, you can offer exciting rewards to those top 100. Perhaps it's a Top 100 Fans Zoom call or some sort of exclusive content. 

Now you're driving competition among those top 100. Who meets the threshold for your next Top 100 Fans reward?

With instant access to your engaged fan data, you can effortlessly do influencer marketing campaigns or surprise and delight campaigns. You can also use the data to do giveaways and promotions to key fans or gamification tactics to reactivate dormant fans. Once you have access to your engaged fan data, the ideas are endless.

Doing this doesn't just increase your metrics, it strengthens your community, and the algos, which all in turn bolster growth for your account.

With FIVE, you're not just seeing who your fans are. You're learning what makes them tick — and what they are most inclined to buy.

Proactive Over Reactive

It's time to stop being reactive and start being proactive. 

Know who your true supporters are and give them the content they want, that only you can provide — because you're being yourself and engaging with your fans meaningfully.

You don't control algorithms. In fact, we're only guessing as to what drives these mysterious data sets.

A strong, engaged community is your most effective insurance policy.

FIVE helps you understand the dynamics of your fan base and further analyze who among your followers also has mega-audiences. And we help you filter out low-value interactions that can easily distract you from meaningful conversations with people who really want to connect with you.

At FIVE, we're not just preserving your content – we're equipping you with the know-how and resources to create a robust, flourishing community that can withstand the test of time, regardless of algorithm shifts or social media platform changes.

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