February 25, 2022

5 Questions With Hollywood's Style Guru Andrew Weitz

Andrew Weitz is the pinnacle of mens style.

5 Questions With Hollywood's Style Guru Andrew Weitz

Andrew Weitz is the pinnacle of mens style. British GQ Magazine named him one of the "50 Best Dressed Men on the Planet" & The Hollywood Reporter has made him their voice of all things sartorial and his client list reads like the who's who of the entertainment industry, pro sports icons, high powered CEOs & business executives. Weitz also privately styles emerging entrepreneurs & is the (not so) "secret weapon" for those who believe the age old adage that success is to be dressed for.

In short, Weitz is a walking compendium of style, fashion, grooming & most of all, confidence.

"I always tell my clients - I am not going to change who you are. I'm going to elevate & enhance who you are and maximize your full potential."

The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylist of the Year, whose client roster includes Elon Musk, Tom Brady, & entertainment executives like Ari Emmanuel is rooted in truly exploring & enhancing his clients from the inside out. Alot of cats talk fashion, but understanding style is an exercise in psychology, dialing up ones confidence & understanding the personal energy of the client. That's what makes him special.

Weitz has amassed the A-List of fashion, film & sport, due to his vast knowledge & passion for sartorial understanding & inspired style.

Weitz has been profiled in The New Yorker, Robb Report, Wall Street Journal, British GQ, Modern Luxury amongst many other high level publications and websites. Weitz is also the men’s contributing style editor for The Hollywood Reporter, a frequent guest on NBC’s TODAY and is a member of the British Fashion Council.

Weitz was formerly a talent agent at WME-IMG, representing some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

You can connect with Weitz directly now on five. Hit the below image to jump right to the chat & begin your personal journey of style, confidence & success with the best there is.


We sat down with Weitz in LA to discuss the essentials, chop it up about his knowledge & talk fashion. It was an honor to speak to a master of his craft, & a titan of his industry.

1. What are the cornerstone, staple piece essentials that every man with style should own?

AW: Navy Blazer, Crisp White Shirt, Tailored Denim, Designer Sneaker, Bomber jacket or Blouson - and seasonal - a cashmere crewneck sweater and a nice cotton or knit short sleeve polo or t-shirt.

2. What's it like styling absolute culture whales like Tom Brady?

AW: No different than working with anyone else. However, the only difference is that this person is in the limelight so you need to make sure his style is on point outside of being in his home.

3. Your story is really unique, you've parlayed being a Talent Agent at two of the biggest players in the talent space into becoming the "face of mens style"- what made you pivot careers?

AW: I always cared about style and the way I presented myself and I knew the impact of it. I became known as the best dressed agent in Hollywood and colleagues and clients would seek me out for advice. After 4 years of that, I knew this was a business and my calling so I said “now or never” and I took the leap.

4. If you could have a drink with a bygone icon of style, who would it be and what are you drinking?

AW: There are too many. Paul Newman, Cary Grant, Steve McQueen, Gianni Agnelli, Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, JFK, Humphrey Bogart, etc. In any event, I would share a single molt Scotch with most of them and a Negroni with Gianni.

5. After a transformative era like the past 2 years of culture, where is fashion going in 2022? And how much of that is driven by elemental needle movers outside of the cut and sew world?

AW: Fashion to me is a dirty word and most men are scared of it. It’s “Style.” It’s “Life Style.” Today is now about modern luxury. Whether business casual or elevated street style, it’s all about loose fitting, comfortable and stylish clothes. Needle movers outside the cut and sew world seem to dominate what is driven in the fashion world these days. You will always need the cut and sew, but in the end, it’s more and more about who is showcasing these pieces and looks.  That’s what’s driving most of these fashion houses and designer businesses. However, there is “trend" and there is “modern classic” and The Weitz Effect is all about the modern classic, but with a twist of trend.