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Resume Writing Tips

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The Software Engineering Job Market is incredibly competitive these days, and many of the largest companies (FAANG) have algorithms that screen resumes to deem whether they are worthy or not to be viewed by a human.

Because of this, you need to make sure you're Resume is the best it possibly can be for both human eyes, but more importantly, the algorithm. Follow these Dos and Don'ts


1. List clubs or achievements from highschool. Nobody cares if you were the president of the cross country club, or if you were an AP scholar with distinction. 

2. List non-technical experiences in service industries like fast-food, waiters, etc.

3. Have mispellings or inconsistent formatting

4. Use multicolored or serif fonts or fancy formatting


1. Make it one page, no exceptions.

2. Have a section for "technical skills" with the languages and framework you know

3. Quantify results whenever possible. If you built an app, how many users did it help. If you made something more efficient is it 50% more efficient, 100%, 1000%?

4. Be concise, get rid of any fluff. 

5. List what languages and frameworks you used for projects/experiences. 

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