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Hi Amy, I brought your parasite cleanse is this also a heavy metal detox? I will be starting the cleanse in June, to many grand babies need me to babysit until June. Plus what herbs would best support my adrenal glands since I am trying to heal Addison’s? I’m on a low carb, no grain diet eating health meats, oil fruits and veggies.
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    Just simply cleansing your body for 3-6 months is all you need to do with the kits.  The parasite kit does do heavy metals, but we now have a kit specifically just for heavy metals now too! You've got the diet right!  Now you just need to add the herbs to cleanse the body the rest of the way out.  The herbs in the kits will help cleanse your adrenals.  One extra herb you may want to add is siberian ginseng.