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Hi Amy I have a question I have been taking Happy Happy Hormones since November 2022 I am ending my 4th month but I have gain weight? I go to the gym 3 time a week and left weights too and watch what I eat but still have not lost weight I want to the doctor in February and blood work is good hormones are good too that what they said. I love the Happy Happy Hormones because I sleep very good I just don't know what to do help please
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    Maybe look into changing up your diet and implementing some days of fasting to awaken your metabolism. 

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    Thank you for getting back to me I do fasting 16-8 or sometime more I did change me diet low carb and I have been vegan for 2 years but nothing with weight lost. Now I am going back to eat just chicken I don't know what to do I am frustrated I eat good and I go to the gym 3 time a week