Crohn's disease

I've had Crohn's since i was 18 years old. I haven't had any surgery, i want to avoid it. My GI doctor's are on the path towards surgery, but the surgeon i visited of referral request, said no to surgery. I saw no reason for it. I would like to get off stelara and move back to oral medicine. Crohn's disease is an auto immune disorder. Basically my immune system is hyper active it's attaching my small and large intestine causing inflammation. If i eat something to trigger it or get too stressed out. It can cause the intestine to swell and possibly close. I currently don't feel any pain, able to drink tea to help some symptoms, and watch what i eat. I'm fine, been pain free for 3 years. But my medical marker are not in my GI doctors preferable area. Hence why they want to turn to surgery to remove the affected areas. Do you have any suggestions?
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    Yes. Start parasite, candida and heavy metal cleansing your body for 6-12 months. Add a good probiotic with digestive enzymes. Implement intermittent fasting. Remove any shellfish and pork from diet.