Hey Amy, Looking to see which of your hormone supplements is best for the following symptoms . Moderate to severe menstrual cramps with horrible hip & back pain ; face break outs approximately a 3-5 days before starting, they are deep and painful breakouts and only have them during this time; moody and low energy. Happy Happy Hormones or Mr. Cyster?
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Asked by Samantha |

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    Hey Samantha!  I would do the Mr. Cyster!  Also, I would do 2 rounds of our O'Candida Cleanse.  This will help with the acne!  Have you ever been diagnosed with PCOS? 

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    Hey Amy,

    This is actually for my daughter in law. She has not been diagnosed with PCOS. She is very regular and has no difficulty getting pregnant. So I'm assuming that why she's never been medically diagnosed. The above symptoms have gotten worse since the birth of her fourth baby three years ago.  
    I've been telling her she needs to do the O' Candida 😊 she was just trying to decide whether to do Parasite killer  or O'Candida first. I already ordered the Parabye for the kiddos.