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Hey Amy! Hope all is well!! I wanted to ask you about the food list for the parasite cleanse. There used to be a pdf format on the restored identity website and now I can see there is a QR code that when scanned it takes me to the restored identity site where the approved food list used to be and it is no longer available. (I’m asking for my brother who I got the Jab Rehab kit for) we’re starting his cleanse today and since he’s a college student of 6+ years and has no time for cooking his own food so we are good prepping for him! I am already in good understanding of the food do’s and don’t’s because I’ve already been on my own cleanse for 3 months now. Basically the only difference is that we were wondering about the bread and grains portion of this, I can do without breads and be fine. However my brother really likes bread, so our question is what breads are “approved”. And is sourdough considered an “exception to the rule?” The only reason in questioning the sourdough is be because people that we know with gluten allergies can still eat sourdough.
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    The only bread that is allowed is bread that is made from fresh wheat berries that you milled yourself.  If you make your own bread, my milling the berries fresh, you have bread that heals.  Have your brother watch this short documentary... It will make him very happy about bread!

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    Thanks so much!! I have forwarded this extremely informative video over to him. I am now looking into how to make my own bread (for all of us now❤️)!