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Hi there, so i have three questions to ask hope you can help ... 1) I have been having some very difficult tummy issues i get a lot of acid reflux and a sore and sour stomach. I fluctuate between constipation and diarrhea what can i take to heal my gut ? 2) I don't have a thyroid unfortunately it was removed 16 years ago and i have been taking NDT for the last 10 years i still have some for the remaining year but after that i will not be able to source it in the island i live . What do you suggest i do is there an option that is herbal ? 3) And my last question my husband has been recently diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and autoimmune disease that causes extreme fatigue and nerve spasms is there anything natural and herbal we can give him so we can put these episodes into remission? And he is not allowed to take magnesium while on his meds.
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    It sounds like you both haven't cleansed yet... ALL DISEASES are causes by parasites, heavy metals, candida and mold... You need to cleanse your bodies for 6-12 months to reverse the damage that is going on.  Also, implement intermittent fasting to help ease your digestive tract.  You can also add a good probiotic with a digestive enzyme.