Never cleansed before. 38 years old. Have Autoimmune Hepatitis and HSV-2. What are the best way to cleanse. What to start with? How long/often to cleanse? And anything else I need to know while cleansing? Also take Acyclovir and Prednisone
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    If you're looking to heal yourself of those issues, you're looking at a good 6-12 months of deep constant cleansing with diet changes, and herbal supplements.  I of course am only going to recommend my products. You can use code COMMUNITY15 for 15% off your entire order.  All of our kits come with a 7 day colon cleanse that is done first.  It doesn't matter what type of cleanse you do, you always want to start with a colon cleanse.  From there you want to parasite and heavy metals.  This will take up to a year of rotating between all of our kits to cleanse your body and all of your organs properly. If you're looking to heal herpes, you DO NOT want to keep taking Acyclovir, it is toxic and supresses the virus deeper into your system.  

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    Do I continuously cleanse or am I to take a break in between?