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What can you recommend for supporting monthly ovulation. My daughter (age 30) has learned from recent bloodwork that she is not ovulating properly. She's had a successful pregnancy and gave birth 2 years ago. She is now learning about this issue due to not conceiving after a lengthy time of trying for a second child. Would you recommend a tea or tincture/extract? What herbs would be supportive? Any suggestions are appreciated. I would love to have a conversation with her about herbal support before she gets loaded up on any prescriptions and let her know of options.
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    First and foremost I would recommend cleansing the body.  Secondly,  I would implement a diet that is low in carbs, as this really messes with ovulation.  Herbs you'd want to add are red raspberry leaf, rose hips, nettle, moring leaf, chaste berry, ashwaghanda, fennel, just to name a few.

    All she really needs to do is cleanse the body.  She just have a toxin overload building up in her system which is presenting itself as delayed ovulation.  Have her clean up the diet and implement teas with the herbs above and she will be giving you a new grandbaby in no time!