Persistent dry cough

Hey Amy! My 5yr old gets these dry coughs that last for weeks and is nonstop coughing. She barely holds anything down and breaks all the little blood vessels in her face. Steam baths don't help and neither do the onions on her feet. I do a honion pot and it doesn't phase this cough. Mullin is a usual addition to her morning routine. I'm just exhausted. Any suggestions?
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    Have you made any changes within your home within the last few weeks?  New scented candles?  New carpets or flooring?  New laundry soaps or body washes?  Anything new to the house that could cause her little lungs to irritated?  Let's start there! <3

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    We haven't changed anything. We don't burn candles but the pediatrician says she has asthma. It's just not all the time this cough comes about but we've had mold removal in 2020. We need to move but if it is asthma is there something I can do? We're in Cleveland Ohio so no pollen just yet but we are an hour away from that Train derailment. We did switch to new non floride toothpaste. But open to suggestions.