I sure wish I could show you some pictures. I stopped wearing any makeup aside from mascara. I brush my teeth with toothpowder with Diatomaceous earth and bentonite, I've started dry brushing my body as well, and I made and use detoxifying Deodorant. My question is, I now have redness around my eyes and it's itchy, and when my eyes water the tears feel they are burning my skin. I've been putting my calendula lotion on my face to keep my eyes from being to itchy. This had only happened since I started with dry brushing and the deodorant. Am I detoxifying? Or do you have any suggestions.
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Asked by Teri |

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    I should also mention I was putting castor oil on my face and wrap on waist, that brought on a month and a half long head cold. I've stopped the castor oil all together. 

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    I would say that it is probably the castor oil, unless you were dry brushing your face.  Dry brushing can cause a ramp up in your lymphatic system which may cause dry eyes, but that is rare.  

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    Would you recommend continuing with the castor oil on face and waist or stop? I wasn't dry brushing my face, but It did cross my mind. Lol 

    Detoxing is NOT fun!! Lol 😂