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Hi Amy!I was wondering your thoughts on alkaline water; like is it worth the extra money? Also, I was thinking I would brew my next batch of colloidal silver in it(I normally just use distilled water), is there any risks I should be aware of doing it that way? Thanks so much for your time! ❤️
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    Hey Rudy! 
    I have a Kangen machine that is a water ionizer that makes high alkaline water. And I will say that over the past year of having it, my health has definitely benefited from it. My bones are more hydrated, my discs in my spine more cushioned, and I get sick much less and less headaches and migraines. If you're talking about true alkaline water, yes I'm all for it. If you're talking about bottled water that's labeled "alkaline", run, it's fake. 💃🤣❤️