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I am on the second two weeks of detoxing with my 9-year-old daughter and about 5 days in she got sick. Runny nose, 102 fever, really not feeling well. I stopped the detox process and I am thinking that I did the wrong thing? I'm going to start it again tomorrow should I do a full 2 weeks? And if these symptoms start again should I just push through and continue giving her the detox? Thank you so much for your time ❤️
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Asked by Shannon |

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    Hey Shannon!  Yes, you want to keep detoxing.  You can expect flu like symptoms in the kiddos as the parasites and heavy metals start coming out.  I know it's hard to watch them be uncomfortable, but keep up with the detox baths, this will make it less miserable for them.  Hang in there!  The first 2 months are the worst, but it gets so much better!  You're doing great Momma!