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Amy, I’m so glad I found you on TikTok. I have so many things wrong with me and would like to know where to start. I have Hashimoto’s, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, gout, and herpes. All are controlled via medications. And I want off of all of them eventually. Though, I have never had a herpes outbreak nor do I take the anti viral for it either. A little about my health journey so far, I found out about the Hashimoto’s and type 2 diabetes 8 years ago. I went on an AIP diet and changed my lifestyle twice now and reversed everything. But as I’ve gotten older and #lifehappenings occur, sometimes I don’t put self care first. I used to weigh over 450 pounds and have lost 160 pounds so far all on my own with no surgery or programs or anything like that. Just lifestyle changes. Knowing all those issues, where do I start? Do you do functional medicine consultations/take on virtual clients?
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    Hello April!  Great job on the weight loss!  You already know what you need to do!  You just need to start cleansing your body again to get all of that build up of toxins and parasites back out!  I do offer functional medicine consultations on my website!  

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    That's just it, I don't know what to do, not about all of it. I know lifestyle changes, that's it. I've never cleansed of any kind. You have lots of products. I am 50 now and my hormones are also changing. So there's alot going on in my body. Even when I reversed everything, there were still issues where not quit everything was ideal. So I know I'm missing pieces. I didn't see anything on your website about consultations.

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    Click on the "Book Consultation " tab In the menu. ❤️