Make my own remedies for my 9 and 13 year old.

I would like to make my own tinctures for my kids. But I have noticed that there’s more to it than mixing herbs in menstruums. There’s a lot more to it then just adding herbs to a liquid and letting it sit. Is there a site you can recommend that has like a ratio chart and what herbs extract better with what menstruum’s? Or is this something that I need to take a class on? Thank you 🥰
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    There is no class.  And it truly is THAT simple.  You pick the herbs you want to use, stick them in the jar, fill with your extractor, let it set its designated time, then strain and use.  You determine the ratio to which you mix them.  There really isn't any class that teaches that, that's why I wrote my herbal book that tells you what herbs blend best together, because that information is REALLY hard to find!