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My husband is an Iraq veteran. He has been taking sertraline pretty much since he arrived back from deployment several years ago. He suffers from PTSD and anxiety. He also suffers from the side effects from the sertraline, like finding himself void of emotion and not being able to feel joy. He would like to get off of it completely and I'm wondering if there is something safe he can take during his weaning off of the medication. He has tried in the past and seems to have panic attacks (possibly more a mental thing than actual from the withdrawal) He is a 10 year sober alcoholic so he does have an addictive wired brain. Part two lol - With being in Iraq he was exposed to burn pits. He constantly suffers from sinus issues - sinus infections, constant mouth breathing, sleep apnea. He currently does saline rinses with a navage system. I'd like to know what he could use to help support his sinuses and breathing. I'm slowly converting him to a more holistic health view so thank you for helping me and him!
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    You could use lemon balm tea to help bring down his anxiety, but until he is COMPLETELY OFF of his sertraline, you'll want to wait to start any herbal antidepressant/anxiety remedies as they can interfere with each other and cause the opposite of what you want and we don't want that! Cleansing his body can help with the sinus issues.  If he is ready to start cleansing his body, he can do so, he just needs to make sure that he takes his medicine 2 hours apart from the cleansing capsules. Use code COMMUNITY15 for 15% off your order if you decide to try our cleanse! 

    We also just released a blend for Allergies, called Aller Sneeze, that could help with his sinus issues until he is ready to cleanse.  Thank him for his service for me! <3