Root canals and Detoxing

Hi Amy, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on detoxing when you have root canals? From my understanding root canals make it very difficult ( sometimes impossible) for our bodies to fully get rid of all the bacteria and should an infection set in could it be dangerous to do a parasite or heavy metal cleanse? I'm hoping to eventually see what other options I have to get my root canal out in the future, but for right now that's not in the budget. Thanks so much
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    I detoxed when I had a bad root canal. I honestly think it helped keep things at bay. When I did get it removed, I had SUCH RELIEF in my body physically. You may want to check local colleges, they offer super discounted dental procedures!! In the meantime, clove oil and coconut oil to swish in your mouth. ❤️

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    Great ideas, thank you!!❤️