I put together a glycerite of Nettle Leaf and Mullein for allergy relief. My son said it helped relieve his symptoms and thinks it will work well for him. My co-worker however experienced swelling in her leg and foot after taking only 2 droppers (separate times). She noticed the swelling later that evening. She doesn't know if this is from the glycerite or just a coincidence because she has had swelling before, but it's been a long time ago. She wants to try the extract again to see if it happens again, but I advised her not to. Any suggestions? (btw, she is on high BP medication).
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Asked by Wendy |

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    Neither one of those interfere with high blood pressure meds but nettle can lower blood pressure. It could be coincidence. Maybe have her test the extract on her skin and see if she has a reaction that way. If so, then it's the extract. ❤️

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    Thank you Amy!  I will recommend that!