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Hi Amy. Loved the live Saturday! A question I wanted to ask Saturday but ran out of time is this: My father is 71 years old. He has COPD but has managed it very well with minimal treatments. He had a heart cath done a couple years ago as well. He has refused BP meds because of the terrible side effects. He reluctantly caved at his last heart appointment and agreed to BP meds. He is now experiencing very low BP, fatigue and dizziness. He is having breathing issues more frequently as well. His doctors are focused on the heart, but he feels very emphatically that it is lung related and not being heard. They continue to run him through the gamut of heart issue tests. Would I be on the right track to recommend that he do a detox/parasite cleanse and perhaps Happy Heart and then maybe also a lung aimed extract? Just trying to think of things that could help him. He does take an inhaler 2 x's a day for his COPD and there would be no replacing that...I think. I should also mention that he is borderline diabetic. He has reversed that in the past with clean eating, but has gone backwards over the past few years.
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    Yes. Yes. Yes! You got it! He needs to start cleansing the body! Great job! And yes to the Happy Heart! That will help bring down the blood pressure too! Getting him back on track can reverse everything that has started back up! I'm thankful he has you! ❤️

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    Thank you!  I will do my best to get him on board!