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My partner and I go see a herbalist that practices Sho Tia. He has us on immune and more which has the following red clover 180g, Dulse 135g, kelp 135g. We've been on it for a yr. I've seen you mention people shouldn't be on the same herb for more than 6 months (tincture form) is that the same as capsule form as well? Stufying herbalism has got me second guessing everything he's prescribed and the time frame he has had us on it.
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    I personally believe we should only use herbs for an extended period of time. We were created to be whole all on our own. Occasionally, due to our environment we are forced to live in, sometimes the herbs are needed to bring our body back to homeostasis. But they shouldn't be something you stay on for long periods. You can get most of what you need through diet.  ❤️