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Hi Amy, where is the best school to go to for herbalism? I want to be a master like you
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    There are many online schools to pick from when it comes to herbalism. I personally can recommend the two that I went to. The first one is The Herbal Academy. This is great if you’re looking for a school that is a “study at your own pace” type of schooling. They offer a variety of different classes from beginner all the way to herbal business classes! Their website is Another school I can recommend is Kingdom College of Natural Health. If you are very disciplined, can stay focused, and do not need a lot of guidance, then I would highly recommend this schooling. They have all sorts of natural health certifications and degrees! This is where I did my Master Herbalist Certification. The only down side to this school is that you MUST be motivated. You get 8 weeks to complete each class and can only ask for an extension twice. There is A LOT of reading and writing papers so keep that in mind! In the back of my book called “Back to the Herbal Basics” I list several other schools that have good reviews also.

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